Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Concert in Martinsville.

The band and choir Christmas concert went well. We break over the next few weeks for the holidays. Starting in January again preparing for the Louisville, KY competition in March.

To close the program, both the Elementary and High school Choir sang a song together.

Arts Garden Choir Performance

The down-town Indianapolis mall has an annual "Mistletoe Music Festival". Bands and choirs can come and play in a certain time slot. Both the band and choir that we are involved in performed. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures from the band performance.
As you can see by the pictures, it really is a nice place. Since it's more or less a bridge over the road it provides a nice view.

It was also a nice snowy day. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanksgiving at Grandma Tice's house.

I kept meaning to post some pictures from the Thanksgiving at Grandma Tices' house. And I wanted them on BEFORE Christmas. :0

Here they are:

The kids were building paper airplanes and throwing them through the fire. It was pretty cool, the airplanes would get close to the fire, and then the hot air would hit then out and away.


Games, games, games. Inside and outside.

The annual bonfire is one of the many traditions for the Tice Thanksgiving. This year we had three such fires, and they were ginormous. We had to stand really far back in order to not get burned. :) Amazing, huh?

We created a bunch of fire silhouettes, here are a couple.

Some of us slept outside. And when we woke up, and there was snow on the ground. FREEZE! It was cold.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Eldredge farm!

Our family spent Thanksgiving day at the Eldredge's. They had activities such as; go-kart riding, gun shooting, soccer, and last (but not least of course) EATING!

A bunch of people walked around the lake.

While others attempted to catch minnows. (No, I didn't fall in, sorry)

They set up some buckets for a go-kart race course!! It was the main attraction, and everyone who wanted to drive got to.

Leaning in for the curve around the bucket...

I think Riley enjoyed watching as well.

We also shot guns, tradition is tradition. It happens every year.

Rachel claimed this was her first time shooting a rifle. True statement or not, it deserved a picture.

Towards the evening everyone went inside and enjoyed those who had something to share--we heard songs from the piano, guitar, singing, and much more.